Review | The Ordinary High-Adherence Primer


This is what it says on The Ordinary’s website:

This formula uses advanced adaptive silicones to act as a matte, hydrating, blurring primer for makeup that looks higher in definition and adheres for longer. The formula can also be used alone as a non-greasy hydrator that reduces the looks of pores and of imperfections.

So, the ordinary is a brand I’ve heard about for ages, and I’ve always wanted to try their skincare, so when I ordered my serums from them, I figured I’d give this primer a go as well, since I already needed a new one, and I just don’t know how I feel about it.

Now, the thing with this primer is that it does blur my fine lines, and it does make my makeup last longer than it normaly does, but it emphasizes my pores so badly, and that doesn’t make any sense to me, since it does blur everything else.
But I do like it on the rest of my face, so I do use it, but since I can’t use it in my t-zone, I do think that that is something to keep in mind.

Now, when it comes to the claim that it’s supposed to be both matte and hydrating, I only think it holds up to the hydrating part. However, it doesn’t make me oily, but it doesn’t make me matte either, so that a little disappointing to me.
But, overall I do find myself reaching for it, and I don’t think it’s a bad primer, but I don’t think this is a primer I’d recommend.

It’s available on for 4.90euro.

Review | NEW Benefit Boi-ing Cakeless Concealer


This is what it says on the Benefit website:

This multitasking FULL COVERAGE liquid concealer hides it all, from dark undereye circles to blemishes & discoloration.…yet it feels lightweight & doesn’t cake or crack. The Cushion Tip creates a smoother than smooth application and blends seamlessly for longwearing, waterproof** coverage.

24-hour longwear*
97% said it looks smooth***
94% said it doesn’t look cakey***
95% said it conceals dark undereye circles***

*instrumental test on 20 women
**instrumental test on 22 women
***self-evaluation by 109 women after 1 week

So, Benefit just came out with this concealer, and when I read the claims on it, I couldn’t resist, but I did get a little disappointed when I tried it.

Now, when it comes to concealers, I usually use them to cover my dark circles, and since this claims to be full coverage I expected it to do that, but it didn’t.
I mean, it did cover them a little, but I wouldn’t say that it’s more than a medium coverage, which did disappoint.
However, when it comes to covering blemishes and discoloration, it works just fine, but I find that my foundation covers that more than good enough, so I don’t really think that this is one that I’m gonna get a lot of use out of.

Now, when it comes to the claim that this is a lightweight concealer that doesn’t look cakey, I have to say that I agree if you only use one layer, but it is a little more on the heavier side once you try to build it up, so I would recommend that you use this sparingly.
And it is a little on the drier side, and it does dry very quickly, so I find that it’s best to do one eye at a time.
But, the thing I really like about this is that it doesn’t crease, and it does last all day, so it’s not the worst I’ve tried, but it’s not the best either.

So, overall I think that this is a concealer that will work for you if you don’t have too dark under-eye circles, or if you just have a little discoloration you’d like to cover, but I don’t think that this is a must have.

This is available on Benefit cosmetics in 12 shades for $22.

Review | l’Oreal Unlimited Mascara


This is what it says on the l’Oreal website:

Instant lash-lift effect and intense lengthening mascara. Inspired by the makeup artist hack of bending the mascara wand for added control and ease of application, Unlimited Mascara’s unique two-position wand can be used straight or bent to customize your lash look. The bendable brush also makes application precise & effortless, allowing access to harder-to-reach inner and outer corner lashes. The stretchable formula glides on lashes to build up any look with no clumps or flakes. Mascara lasts up to 24 hours.

So, I’ve always been a fan of l’Oreal mascaras, and I needed a change from the lash paradise one, so when I saw this I got really curious because of the “bending wand”, so I figured I’d give it a go, and I’m not disappointed.

Now, I naturally have quite long lashes, so most lengthening mascaras don’t really do much for me, but this actually made my lashes look even longer than the already are, so I’m very impressed with that.
And it doesn’t make my lashes look too thick or “spidery” either, so I really like that.
So if you like lengthening mascaras that still look natural, I do think that you’d enjoy this one.

But, when it comes to the wand, however, I’m not totally sure how I feel.
Now, it does make it a lot easier to reach the inner corner of your eye, and I do like it, but I feel like the handle is a little bit short, so it is a little awkward to hold it, in my oppinion, so that is something to keep in mind.

So, overall I’m not too impressed with the bending wand, but I do really like the formula, so I think it’s worth a go.

It’s available on for $12.99.

Review | Makeup Revolution Sheer Lip Lipgloss


This is what it says on the Makeup Revolutin website:

Boss your gloss! Our Sheer Lip line-up will have you obsessing over this finish all over again.
Good for those who want a gloss packed with pigment. This glossy formula glides on to deliver buildable colour, allowing you to easily switch from a sheer wash of colour to a statement glaze. And you can forget any stickiness. A great formula for people who suffer with dry lips but want colour – sheer brilliance!

Crazy about the colour? Introducing 88 shades of nude lips. Choose your shade. Shop your finish.
We’ve developed our lip range so you can shop your favourite nude shade in 4 different finishes, Crème, Sheer, Liquid Matte, Matte Lipstick.


So, for my everyday makeup I prefer very natural makeup and I usually go for a sheer lip, and when I was browsing the internet for more makeup to try, I came across these and I figured I’d give them a go.

Now, I’ve tried them both on top of lipstick, and on their own, and I do prefer them as a lip topper, because they do fade within an hour if I’m not wearing something underneath, but I don’t mind that too much, ’cause they are lipglosses after all.
But, when it comes to the pigmentation on these, I’m actually quite impressed.
They are still sheer in a way, but they do pack a punch when it comes to color and I like that alot with these.

However, when I apply them I do get that “thick line” on the outside of my lips, so I would recommend wiping a little of the product off the wand before application, so you won’t get too much product at once.
But if you do that, these are very easy to work with, and you don’t really need a mirror when you’re applying them, which is a huge plus in my book.

So, other than that I have to mention that they are a little bit thicker than some glosses I’ve used, and I do feel them on my lips throughout the day, so that’s something to keep in mind.
But, overall I think these are good glosses, and I will continue using them.

They are available on for 3£.

Review |NEW Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation


This is what it says on the Urban Decay website:

Find your naked truth with Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation, our vegan, buildable medium coverage liquid foundation with a real-skin matte finish that lasts up to 24 hours.

We designed this lineup of 50 shades with 9 shade intensities, 3 mastertones, and 7 undertones to dial in your precise color match. Our waterproof, longwear foundation feels like wearing nothing, thanks to a breathable, flexible formula that moves with you (all day and all night, up to 24 hours!).

It not only feels better, it even looks better with its stay-true color, which minimizes the appearance of pores—so you always look like you.

So, Urban Decay just came out with this foundation, and I got really drawn in to it because of the name, and I’m so glad I did, because this might actually be my new favorite.

Now, this foundation claims to be a real-skin matte finish, and most of the time with foundations that claims to be matte I do get a little shiny, and need to touch up a little, within a few hours of wear, but not with this.
I’ve worn this several times now, and I haven’t had to touch up once, which is really amazing to me! Not even when I’ve worn it on it’s own, with no primers, or powders.
And it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a lot of foundation when I’m wearing this, so it does really hold up to it’s claims.

Now, when it comes to the claim that it minimizes the appearance of pores, I do agree with that completely when I don’t use a primer to fill in my pores underneath. But when I use a porefiller (the one I always reach for), my pores gets really emphasized, so that’s something to keep in mind.
But I do use a primer on the rest of my face, so it might just be that I need to get a new pore-filling primer, but I still feel like I had to mention it.

So, other than that I really love this foundation. It’s the first one I’ve tried that actually holds up to every claim it has (in my oppinion), so I highly recommend this if you like a matte finish foundation.

It’s available on for $39.

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