Review | NEW Biotherm Skin Best Wonder Mud

111On the Biotherm website it says that this is a antioxidant-concentrated 3-minute mask with mineral clay to cleanse deep, diminish visible pores and get healthy glowing. Non-drying, mousse-like mask works impurities and sebum out of blocked pores. Use twice-weekly for powered-up cleansing against the build-up of city grime, makeup and toxins to beat dullness and help skin breathe again.

Antioxidant Astaxanthin combats dullness + Ghassoul mineral clay absorbs oil and impurities. Skin looks noticeably healthier, brighter and more even, feels soft as velvet and luminous.

So, I’ve been using this for the last 1,5 months, and so far I do like it.
However, I haven’t seen a dramatic difference in my skin, but it is a new product, so I haven’t had the time to really see how it will work after several months, but it does deep clean my pores, and it’s great if you’re in a hurry since it is a 3-minute mask.

Now, this is quite a unique mask to me, because it works like a regular clay mask, but I can’t really feel it on my skin when I wearit, so it’s very lightweight and I do like that it doesn’t dry out my skin.
Also, it does have exfoliating properties in it, and I do like that it is kind of a multi-purpose product that deep cleans and gets rid of the dead skin on my face at the same time.

Now, as far as luminousity goes, I do feel like my skin looks healthier and a bit brighter with this, so I have to say that it holds up to it’s claims so far.

So, overall I am impressed with this and I also think that it will work for all skin types, so I would recommend checking this out if you’re looking for a good purifying mask that won’t dry out your skin.

With that said I should also mention that I have ‘forgotten’ that I had it on, and I wore it for 30-40 minutes, and it didn’t irritate my skin at all, so it’s not a huge thing if you leave it on for longer than 3 minutes.

The only thing that might be a dealbreaker is the fact that it is quite expencive, but you do get 75ml in the tub, and you don’t really need much to cover your entire face, so that’s something to keep in mind.

I got mine from Kicks for 475nok.

Favourites | Top 5 March 2016

favorites 1

So, I thought that I’d change it up a bit today and write about my top 5 items for March instead of my regular product review.
Some of these I may have done a review on before, if so I’ll have a link to those products at the end of the post.

stay matte

Since were going in to warmer months, my skin is getting more oily in my t-zone, and for that I have been loving my Rimmel Stay Matte powder.
I use this for setting my t-zone and also for touch ups throughout the day, and it works very well for that.
It keeps my skin looking matte for way longer than it would if I’d used a regular setting powder.
Now, I only use this in my oily areas, because I think it can look a bit dry if I use it all over, but it’s a good, inexpencive powder.
The only complaint I have is that it does have a very strong, fragrance smell to it when you first apply it, but it goes away in a few minutes.


For my lips I’ve been keeping it very simple this month with the MAC Lip Pencil in the shade ‘Dervish’.
This is a soft pinky-mauve shade that basicly gives you that “your lips but better” look, and I’ve just been filling in my entire lip with this, and than topped it off with a balm or a gloss, just so that it won’t be as drying, but either way it does last for quite some time, and I’ve really been enjoying it.


As for my eyes I’ve been keeping it simple as well.
For liner this month I’ve been totally in love with the NYX Matte Liquid Liner.
This is, so far, my all time favorite liquid liner because the applicator on this is so easy to control, and it’s so thin that it gives a very precise line, so this is perfect for those of us that are having a bit of a strugle getting that perfect liner on.
I also have to say that this does last all day, and it dryes down to a matte finish.
The only thing is that it is a bit hard to get off, but other than that it’s amazing.

hot singels 1

Now, to add a little bit of definition to my eyes I’ve also been loving the NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow in the shade ‘Stiletto’.
I do have a couple of other shades in this line and I don’t like those at all, but this particular one is more pigmented, and much easier to work with.
Now, I use this in, and a little bit above, my crease, just for that hint of definition (kind of as a trasition shade).
However, I have to mention that this isn’t very pigmented, but you can build it up a little bit.
Also, this is very powdery, and you can get a lot of fall out with this, but to me, since it’s so inexpencive, I don’t really mind that.


Lastly I wanted to talk about the Makeup Geek blush in the shade ‘Romance’.
This is a soft rose with gold shimmer, and it gives such a beautiful rosey glow to the cheeks, and i think that this is perfect for the spring/summer months.
This goes on so beautifully and it does last all day without getting patchy on me.
These are also very inexpencive, but you do have to order it online, and that can be kind of a drawback for some people, but it is worth it.
Also, you don’t really need to use a highlighter with this, because it does have shimmer in it, and that’s a bonus for all of us ‘lazy’ people that are looking for very easy, quick makeup products.


Review | NEW Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation


This is what it says on the Dior website:
Everlasting 16-hour perfection from morning to night. A luminous matte finish, flawless correction and exceptional comfort, in all conditions.
Day after day, the skin’s texture is refined by the new formula enriched with the Poreless Effect skincare essence.
On the bottle it also claims to be oil controling.

So, to be completly honest, this foundation is not what I expected.
Since Dior is a luxury brand, and also very expencive, I expected this to do what it said it would, but I can’t really say that it does.
First of all I find it to be a bit difficult to work with, it dries really fast so you have to blend it out very quickly, or else it will look patchy in some areas.
I also find that it looks very dry once it’s set, but in my oily areas it does get shiny in a couple of hours, so I’m not very impressed.
Now, you could keep a powder with you for touch-ups, and that works fine, but because of the pricetag on this I don’t think that should be necessary.

However, this does feel very comfortable to wear, and it does last all day, so there are some good sides to it as well.
But for the price I can’t say that this is worth it.

Now, as far as coverage goes I find it to be a light-medium, and personally I have to use a concealer with this.
You can build it up a little bit, but even than I felt the need to use a concealer, so that’s something to keep in mind.

I got mine from Kicks for 445nok and it is available in 16 shades.

Review | NEW Limited Edition Dior Addict Lip Glow

Edit noise – Kopi

Reading of the Dior website it says that the Dior Addict Lip Glow is the must-have from Dior Backstage to enhance the lips and bring out their natural color.
The first universal balm by Dior reacts to the unique chemistry of each woman’s lips to give them a natural flush of custom pink that suits her skin tone. As if revived from within, lips are fresh, full and radiant.
The Color Reviver technology in Dior Addict Lip Glow reacts to the moisture level of the lips, releasing its active ingredients and instantly flushing the lips with their natural colour. Its formula is enriched with Wild Mango and Luffa Cylindrica protects and moisturizes throughout the day.
Wear alone as a lip balm or primer, or team with a lipstick or Lip Maximizer for even more radiant results.

So I got this mostly because I thought that the idea of a lipbalm that ‘changed’ color based on your lips moisture level was so cool, and that it would be so easy for those natural makeup kind of days, but I actually like this alot better when I use this on top of other lipsticks.
When I do that it adjusts the color I’m wearing just a little bit, so it fits my skintone a bit better.

Now, when I use this on its own, it does feel very hydrating and nourishing on the lips, and that balmy feeling stays on for quite some time, I can even feel it after drinking and eating (at least when I’m not eating anything too greasy), which is nice.

Other than that it doesn’t adjust the color of your lips too much no matter if you use it alone or on top of other lip products, so you might not notice it unless you try it on one half of your lips and leave the other half bare.
However, even though I do think that this is a very unique and cool product, I don’t think that you need to spend your money on it, just because I think that you would get a simular effect with a regular lipbalm that has that little hint of a pink tint in it, at least if you plan on wearing this on it’s own.

I got mine from Kicks for 325nok.

Review | NEW Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer.


On the Smashbox website it says that this gives your lipstick a matte makeover – instantly!
This gel transforms any cream lipstick into a velvety matte finish that’s never chalcky.
It also claims to improve the wear of lipstick and prevent feathering.

So, I didn’t really have high expectations when I first tried this product, but I have to say that I am really impressed with this.

This is so easy to apply, it does mattify your lipstick without drying out your lips at all, and you’re also able to re-apply your lipstick on top of this without it looking patchy or weird.
Now keep in mind that when you re-apply your lipstick, you also have to re-apply this if you want to keep that matte finish.

swatch 1

(Top lip is with the Insta-Matte, the bottom lip is without)

Now this does feel very velvety and kind of slippery when you wear this, it almost feels like a mixture of the soft matte lip creams from NYX, and a creamy lipstick, so that might feel a bit different than what you’re expecting, but it’s nothing bad, and it is very comfortable to wear.

As far as feathering goes, I can’t really say too much about that because I don’t really have that issue with any of my lipsticks, but at least this doesn’t make my lipsticks bleed, so that’s good. And it also does make my lipstick stay on a bit longer before wearing off, so I have to say that this holds up to its claims very nicely.

So overall, I highly recommend this if you have any cream/satin finish lipsticks that you’d rather have matte, instead of going out to buy that same shade with a matte finish!

I got mine from Kicks for 245 nok.

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