Review | Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick


This is what it says on the Makeup Revolution website:

Foundation just got faster! Launching in 18 shades and a range of undertones, Fast Base Foundation quickly perfects, contours and highlights your complexion. The easy-to-apply stick formula melts into skin, blending seamlessly to leave a fresh and dewy finish.
Twist up, swipe on and blend out with fingers, a beauty sponge or your favourite foundation brush.

So, I’ve always been very curious about stick foundations, because I feel like they don’t take as much work as liquid once does. So I ordered a few of these from Makeup Revolution, but I’m really not impressed with them.

Now, the first thing I noticed is that they feel very waxy on the skin, and they did also feel a bit too heavy/cakey for my liking. But I thought they might look better once they’d warmed up to my skin a little, because I have tried a lot of foundations that just need a little time before they look amazing.
Sadly these are not one of those.

Now, the other thing I didn’t like about this foundation, is that it emphasized dry patches I didn’t even know I had.
It actually looked like I never exfoliate my skin, and I exfoliate weekly, both with a physical scrub(once a week), and with a chemcial exfoliator (2-3 times a week). So I was very surprised when I saw that.

However, when it comes to coverage I’m not that disappointed.
It does provide a medium+ coverage, and I could also build it up a little on the parts where I needed a little bit more. However, if you build it up too much it will look a lot heavyer than it does from the beginning, so that is something to keep in mind.
But, other than that the only thing I like about this foundation is that it does last all day, without too much fading. So there are a few positives to it.

But, overall it didn’t really hold up to any of the claims I say, and it’s just way too heavy-feeling (and looking) for my liking.
So I can’t recommend this foundation.

However, if you’ve tried it, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it down in the comment section. 🙂

It’s available on £5.00

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