Review | BH Cosmetics Sylvia Gani Palette


This is what it says on the BH Cosmetics website:

Embrace the artistic flair of social media beauty star Sylvia Gani with this versatile 22 Color Shadow Palette. Featuring a collection of richly pigmented matte and shimmer shadows, accessorizing your eyes with infinite effects has never been easier. Create dramatic depth with luxe jewel tones and warm neutral hues, or amp up everyday glam with romantic berry and intense dark shades. Whether you sweep on a single bold shade, or an array of different textures, this essential palette instantly transforms your look for any occasion.

Apply with Base Booster Shadow Glue for maximum pigmentation. Pack and blend in style by using our matching BH Signature Rose Gold-13 Piece Brush Set with an array of shading and defining eye brushes.


So, I got this palette as a gift with purchase a while ago, and I remember hearing alot about BH Cosmetics back when beauty-youtubers was just starting to become a thing.
So I got really excited because I’ve never really tried anything from them before, and I haven’t been able to stop using this palette since I got it.

Now, this palette does contain 22 eyeshadows. 14 mattes, 6 shimmers and 2 bigger pans, which I consider to have more of a metallic finish.
And it does have a beautiful range of shades from neutrals to a few more colorful shades, so you can easily create a lot of different looks with it.

So, when it comes to the matte shades, I find them to be very easy to work with.
They are very pigmented, and they blend out very beautifully. However, they can blend away a little if you’re not careful.
But they are very buildable at the same time, so you can easily fix that if you’ve over-blended them, but it is something to keep in mind.

Now, when it comes to the shimmer shades I don’t have anything bad to say.
They look so beautiful and even on the eyes, and they apply nicely with both a brush and your fingertip.
Of course, you do get more color payoff with your fingers, like you do with most shimmer shadows, but they do show up alot more with a brush than I’m used to from some other shadows I own.

However, the only shades I’m not too fan of in this palette are the two more metallic ones in the larger pans.
I just find them to be a little too uneven, and they’re not as easy to work with as the other shades. So they are a little disappointing to me.
But overall I really like this palette, so I absolutley think that it’s worth looking in to.

It’s available on for 240nok.

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