Review|Essence Perfect Shine Lipsticks


This is what it on the Essence website:
The lipstick that makes beauty dreams come true: it is highly pigmented, nourishing and provides a super shiny finish. The creamy-soft texture is easy to apply and feels pleasant to wear. Rich ingredients such as vitamin E and shea butter nourish the lips and make them nice and soft. Another plus: the cool packaging!


So, I’ve always had some issues with dry lips, so, even though I love the look of matte lips, I’ve never really been able to pull it off.
So whenever I’m shopping for lip products, I tend to look for more moisturising lipsticks, like these once, and since they are so inexpencive, I figured I’d give them a go, and I’m glad I did.

Now, when I first got them, I really expected them to be more on the sheer side.
Even though they claim to be highly pigmented, I just wasn’t expecting them to be, so I was quite happy to see that they do have alot of colorpayoff, and they do hold up to that claim.
And they also feel very lightweight and hydrating, which I appreciate, since I don’t really like the feeling of wearing a lot of lipstick. So I do really like them.

However, when it comes to the lastingpower on these, I’m not that impressed.
Because they do start to fade away after 2 hours, and the lighter shades don’t really last more than 1.5 hours, so you do need to re-apply them quite a bit, which is a drawback.
Now, you can make them last a bit longer if you wear a lipliner underneath, but it doesn’t make too much of a difference, sadly, so that is something to keep in mind with these.
But if you’re looking for something that’s easy to just throw on when you’re going out for some quick errands, I do think that you’ll be happy with these.

So, overall I do really like the formula on these, and I do find them to be very wearable for everyday.
I just wish that they would last a bit longer than they do.

I got mine from for 33nok a piece.

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