Review | Makeup Revolution Baking Powder


This is what it says on the Makeup Revolution website:

A favourite for prolonging the wear of makeup, banishing shine, brightening and balancing skin tone. This finely milled powder can be dusted on with the Revolution Bake and Finish Brush, dab on and dust off. For a natural finish use the fluffy brush or use the sponge makeup applicator for baking precision to lock in contour and highlight. If you want areas to look brighter, make sure to damp the sponge and pat on a thick coat of powder. Loose powders are a good option for those who desire a luminous, silky and even finish.

The range includes:

Translucent – for all skin tones
White – for the fairest skin tones
Banana Light – brightening for lightskin tones
Banana – brightening for medium skin tones
Banana Deep – brightening for medium to dark skin tones
Lace – for medium skin tones
Beige – for warm medium skin tones
Peach – colour balancing for medium to dark skin tones
Orange – colour balancing to dark skin tones
Deep Dark – for dark and deep skin tones

So, I’ve never really used the baking technique when I apply my makeup, mostly because I don’t really own too many loose powders, but I’ve always been curious about it, ’cause I see all of these influencers doing it, and they always look so flawless, so I figured that this powder might be good for that since it is marketed as a baking powder, but I’m not that impressed with it.

Now, one of the things that made me get this particular powder, other than the fact that it is a baking powder, is because of the shaderange, because when I’ve tried to bake with other loose powders in the past, they’ve always left this white cast on my skin, and I’m not a fan of that look, so I got this in the shade “Lace”, which is supposed to be for medium skintones, but, even though I’m a light/medium, it still gives me a white cast when I bake with it.
Now, I might need to get another shade for the white cast to go away, but it also makes my undereyes (and whereever else I bake with it) look very dry, so I don’t really like this for baking at all.

However, I did try to use it sparingly, just to set my makeup, and when I use it that way I do like it a lot better. Because it does set my makeup quite nicely, and it does also have a little bit of a brightening effect to it, so I do continue to reach for it to set my undereye concealer, and sometimes the rest of my face.
But if you, like me, need something to keep your t-zone from getting greasy throughout the day, this won’t help you with that.
Not that it claims to be a mattifying powder anyway, but it’s still something to keep in mind if you’re interested in trying this.

But, overall I do think that this is an ok powder, and I will definetly keep reaching for it to set my undereyes, but I don’t think that I’ll repurchase it for the reason that it didn’t really deliver on my expectations, and because of that I can’t really recommend it either.

But if you’ve tried it, I’d love to hear your oppinions on it in the comments below.

It’s available on revolutionbeauty. com for € 4,19 – € 5,99.

Review | E.L.F Cosmetics Luminous-Matte Primer


This is what it says on the E.L.F website:

Create a fresh, natural glow with this lightweight makeup base. This makeup base primes the skin for long wear, and helps moisturize, brighten and refine skin appearance. The silky formula leaves skin flawless and natural looking. Infused with Acai and Vitamins C and E.

So, I’ve tried some E.L.F cosmetics products in the past, and it’s been a few hits and misses, but since I do love affordable makeup I wanted to get a few more items from them, and this primer really hit the spot for me.

Now, one of the main reasons I got this primer is because I got very curious to see how it would work on my combination skin, since it claims to be a luminous-matte primer, which is supposed to give you a natural glow, but at the same time it’s not supposed to make you shiny or greasy, and I can get quite oily in my t-zone, so I didn’t really know what to expect, because I’ve tried some multi-finish kind of products before, and they’re usually either one or the other, but this primer does give me both a natural glow, and it keeps me from getting oily, which is a huge plus for me.

Now, I will say that, even though it does hold up to the luminous-matte claim, I do feel like it would work the same as a satin-finish type of primer, so I do think that the name of this is a little bit of a sales trick, if you know what I mean?
But I do also think that it’s a clever one, because it does make you curious to try it, but it is something to keep in mind if you already own a few satin-finish primers.
However, if you are looking for a primer that won’t make you shiny, but at the same time will give a little bit of a luminous look, I do think that this is a great one.

So, when it comes to the claim that it will refine skin appearance, I do agree a little bit, because it does blur my fine lines and pores, but it does it in a very natural way, so it’s not like a pore-filling primer, but it doesn’t emphasize anything, so you could always use it in combination with a pore-filler if this alone isn’t enough for you.

Now, other than that, the only thing that is a little bit of a drawback, is that it does feel a little sticky on the skin, and I’m not a huge fan of that.
But it doesn’t make my foundation go on patchy or unevenly, and the sticky feeling goes away once I’ve applied powder, so I’m not that bothered by it, but it is something to take notice of.

But, overall I think that this is a great primer.
It holds up to it’s claims, it’s very affordable, and it’s definetly something I’ll repurches once I run out of it.

So, have you tried it? What are your oppiniones on this primer?

It’s available on for $8.00.