Review | l’Oreal Unlimited Mascara


This is what it says on the l’Oreal website:

Instant lash-lift effect and intense lengthening mascara. Inspired by the makeup artist hack of bending the mascara wand for added control and ease of application, Unlimited Mascara’s unique two-position wand can be used straight or bent to customize your lash look. The bendable brush also makes application precise & effortless, allowing access to harder-to-reach inner and outer corner lashes. The stretchable formula glides on lashes to build up any look with no clumps or flakes. Mascara lasts up to 24 hours.

So, I’ve always been a fan of l’Oreal mascaras, and I needed a change from the lash paradise one, so when I saw this I got really curious because of the “bending wand”, so I figured I’d give it a go, and I’m not disappointed.

Now, I naturally have quite long lashes, so most lengthening mascaras don’t really do much for me, but this actually made my lashes look even longer than the already are, so I’m very impressed with that.
And it doesn’t make my lashes look too thick or “spidery” either, so I really like that.
So if you like lengthening mascaras that still look natural, I do think that you’d enjoy this one.

But, when it comes to the wand, however, I’m not totally sure how I feel.
Now, it does make it a lot easier to reach the inner corner of your eye, and I do like it, but I feel like the handle is a little bit short, so it is a little awkward to hold it, in my oppinion, so that is something to keep in mind.

So, overall I’m not too impressed with the bending wand, but I do really like the formula, so I think it’s worth a go.

It’s available on for $12.99.

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