Review | Morphe 9a&9b Eyeshadow Palettes


This is what it says on the Morphe website:

These nine golden shades are sure to take you places, faux real. Crazy-creamy, powerfully pigmented, beyond-blendable eyeshadows perfect for some fun in the sun or some fake-it-til-you-make-it action. Choose your own color adventure. But one thing’s for sure; you’ll never run out of ways to turns heads.
(I can’t seem to find the 9b palette on the website, but, from what I’ve found on the other 9 shadow palettes, they all have the same claims.)

(9A swatches)

9a swatches

(9B swatches)

9b swatches

So, I’ve never tried Morphe shadows before, but since they’re all over social media, I figured I’d get a few palettes so I could give them a go.
But, to be completly honest I’ve gotta say that I’m quite underwhelmed with these shadows.
Especially the shimmer shades, ’cause they look very greasy on me after a few hours of weartime, and I’ve never had that happen to me with any other shimmer shadow I’ve used in the past.
So I find that very disappointing, especially since these shades are very beautiful, and wearable.
Now, I can’t speak for the single shadows, or any of the other palettes, but I assume that they use the same formula on those as well as these.
Of course, you could possibly use some sort of setting spray to wet your brush before applying the shimmer shades, but I, personally, feel like they should work alot better on their own.

Now, when it comes to the matte shades, on the other hand, I do like them alot better.
They blend so easily, and they’re very easy to build and work with, and I prefer shadows you can build up, not the ones that are very pigmented straight away. So I do think that they’re worth it, but I’ll stay away from the shimmer shadows, unfortunatly.

Now, when it comes to the highly-pigmented claim, I’m not so sure I completly agree.
Like I mentioned, the matte shades are very easy to build, but none of these shadows come across to me as highly-pigmented straight away.
But if you, like me, like to build up the color you’re working with, I don’t think that that’ll be an issue.

So, overall I’d recommend the matte Morphe shadows. But I can’t say that I’d recommend the shimmer/metallic ones.

The 9a palette is available at for 12$
The 9b palette is available at for 15.80$

Review | Figs&Rouge Pore Correcting Velvet Cream

Figs&Rouge Pore Correcting Velvet Cream

This is what it says on the Figs&Rouge website:

+ Innovative Pore perfecting formulation with a replenishing & hydrating matte effect
+ Brightening complex with Vitamins A,C & E helps restore natural radiance
+ Purifying & perfecting Salicylic Acid helps unclog & reduce pore size
+ Smoothing hyaluronic acid helps restore long – lasting vitality


Blend onto T-Zone & over enlarged pore areas with finger-tips before applying Make-up.
Alternatively wear over moisturiser for a nude matte look.

So, I got this in a subscription box a few months ago, and I got very excited since I’m always in need of a good, mattifying/poreminimizing primer, but this does not impress me at all.

Now, it claims that it’s a pore perfecting formula, which to me, means somewhat poreminimizing, or at least a little blurring, but it doesn’t do anything for my pores, or fine lines.
It doesn’t blur or smooth at all for me, and that’s a huge drawback.
And when it comes to the mattifying claim, I can’t say that I agree with that either, because I got oily within a few hours, and I think it should keep my oils under control for, at least, a couple more.

However, this does say that you can use it over a moisturiser, so it might be better if you use it on a regular basis as a “skincare” product, but as a primer I wouldn’t recommend this if you have oily skin.

You can get this at for £35.

Review | L’oreal Dream Lenght Steam Mask

Heat mask

This is what it says on the L’oreal website:

For long, damaged hair
Enriched with protein and Castor Oil
Self-heating hair treatment
Nourished lengths and tips with conditioning ingredients


Step 1: Balm enriched with vegetal protein & castor oil, and leaves the hair feeling immediately nourished.

Step 2: A tissue cap infused with a self-heating lotion.

How To Use:
1. Open section 1 (intensive balm).
2. Apply the balm onto hair that has been shampooed, towel-dried and brushed.
3. Open section 2 (tissue cap).
4. Wrap your hair on top of your head, put the tissue cap on and then gently massage your scalp.
5. Leave the cap on for 10 mins.
6. Remove cap and rinse hair thoroughly.

Long Hair Tip:
Before putting the tissue cap on, brush your hair to ensure the balm is applied evenly.

So, taking care of my hair is very important to me, and I do like heating masks, but I don’t always want to spend alot of money of them, so I figured I’d give this a go since I’ve had good experience with L’oreal hairproducts before, but this is not one of them.

Now, my hair is quite long, but since they say that this is for long hair, I expected it to be enough product in the package, but I would’ve had to use two packs to cover my hair, and that doesn’t make alot of sense to me. Of course, I did follow the directions, and I did brush through my hair after I applied it, but it stil wasn’t enough for me, and that is the first thing that threw me off.

However, I figured that if it actually nourished my hair and made it feel softer, I would’ve been OK with it, but, sadly, this made my hair feel dry and brittle, and that’s just not OK.
Now, I do know that this is a cheaper product, and I am aware that it wouldn’t make my spilt ends magically disappear, I mean, nothing other than a haircut would do that, but I’ve never tried anything that has made my hair feel like that. Not even when I used to bleach and color my hair it felt that bad, so this is a huge pass for me.

Now, when it comes to the fact that this is a heating mask, I expected it to heat up, at least a little bit, but I didn’t feel anything. My fiance on the other hand did say that it heated up a little bit on her, but I guess that’s just because she has short hair, and because of that it was enough product in the pack for her, so it might heat up better if you have short/medium lenght hair.
But I also have to mention that it was a pain in the a*s to rinse out. I gave up after 10 minutes and I had to shampoo my hair to get it out completly, and it really shouldn’t be that difficult in my oppinion.

So, overall I don’t recommend this product, and I’d much rather spend more money on something that’ll actually do something good for my hair.

This is available on amazon for £5.99

Review | YSL All Hours Foundation

YSL All Hours Foundation

This is what it says on the YSL website:

What it is:
A 24-Hour, natural matte foundation with buildable medium-to-full-coverage that instantly blurs pores and fines lines, for uninterrupted flawless wear that looks just-applied all day. All Hours Foundation is now available in 33 shades to strike the right balance of undertones. It is made in France with the finest pigments and ingredients that respect and care for the skin and provide the perfect natural matte finish – not too matte and never shiny, so you look naturally flawless. All Hours is oil free, non comedogenic and dermatologist tested.

Soft-matte SPF 20 medium to full coverage for all skin types waterproof

What it does:
All Hours 24-Hour advanced formula won’t cake, dry, flake or fade. The transfer-proof, oil-free and non-pore clogging formula comes in 33 shades. Flexible pigments and skin-loving ingredients provide flawless coverage that stands up to makeup meltdowns. The weightless texture leaves skin feeling fresh and comfortable all day, like you have nothing on.

Instantly blurs and erases imperfections, pores and unevenness thanks to the highest concentration of ultra-fine, oil absorbing pigments that cover and smooth perfectly yet resist sweat and humidity. No touch ups required.

The formula is infused with a black tea anti-oxidant complex for additional skin care that combats the signs of dullness and fatigue, while protecting skin from pollution.

So, back when this foundation first launched it got a lot of hype. I feel like almost everybody raved about how amazing it was, so of course I had to try it for myself.
However, I’ve tried several “overhyped” products before, and a lot of the time those products don’t really work out for me the way I’d like them to, so I didn’t really excpect this one to blow my mind either, but I’ve gotta say that I’m very impressed by it.

Now, the reason that this foundation impressed me so much is because it never looks cakey on me. If I use one layer or if I build it up to a full coverage, it always blends nicely into my skin and it does stay on all day. Even on my nose where foundations usually break apart and fade away very quickly, this stays on like nothing else I’ve tried, which is a huge plus. It also feels very lightweight on the skin. Now, it still feels like I’m wearing makeup, but it doesn’t feel heavy, and I don’t really notice it throughout the day, so I don’t really mind that too much, but it is something to keep in mind if you’re interested in trying it out.

Now, when it comes to the claim that it never gets shiny, and that you don’t have to touch up your makeup throughout the day, I can’t say that I fully agree.
Not that it gets too bad, and it is very easy to touch up with a little powder, or a blotting sheet, but it does get a little shiny after a few hours, so I definitely think that is something to take notice of.
But, the good thing is that it doesn’t really transfer, so you don’t remove any of your foundation when you do feel the need to touch up, and it also doesn’t cling to any dry patches, at least on my skin, so I do feel like it would work for all skintypes.

So, overall I do recommend this if you’re looking a medium to full coverage foundation, that still looks natural on the skin.

It’s available at sephora for 54$.

Review | NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Setting Powder

Can't Stop Setting Powder

This is what it says on the NYX website:

Set yourself up to serve face with our new Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Setting Powder. Available in six universally flattering shades, this loose setting powder is a total beauty boss. Each silky-soft hue imparts a veil of color that feels comfy and extends across multiple skin tones. Our featherlight formula also absorbs oil while leaving your complexion with a smooth, matte and fresh-looking finish. Place it under the eyes and cheekbones or along the T-zone to bake your makeup. Or simply brush some over any other Can’t Stop Won’t Stop must-haves, buff and slay.

So, I’ve been trying out this powder for a little while now, and so far I have a little mixed feelings about it.

Now, when it comes to the claims on this, I do have to say that I agree with most of them, but for some reason I just can’t make up my mind about how I feel about it.
Now, the thing with this is that it does do a good job of setting my makeup, but it does claim to be a matte, oil absorbing powder, and, even though it does give me a matte/naturally matte finish after I’ve applied it, I still get shiny after an hour or so, and since they say that it’s oil absorbing, I expected it to keep me matte longer than that.

Now, when it comes to the application itself I will say that I like it much better with a damp sponge, ’cause, for me using a brush just isn’t enough with this.
However, this powder is very finemilled, and it doesn’t look overly drying on my skin, so I do feel like you could use a lot of it, and still look good. I also like to use it as a touch up powder for that reason, but at the same time it can get a little messy since it is a loose powder, and it will get everywhere if you’re not careful when you use it. And I’m not the biggest fan of the packaging, ’cause it can be a little tricky to get product out because of the “flat-round-pushy-thing” (in lack of better words) in the lid, but that could just be me.

So, moving on to the shaderange.
They say that the six shades it comes in are universally flattering, and to some degree I agree with that. However, I do feel like you should use a shade darker than what you normally go for. Now, that could just be me, but I’m usually a light, maybe a light/medium, but I had to go for the medium shade with this, so that is something to keep in mind.

So, overall I did expect a little more from it, but I still feel like it’s a good powder, and I will continue to use it, but I’m not sure that this is one I’ll repurchase.

It’s available on for 12$.