Review | Isadora Cover Up Foundation & Concealer


This is what it says on the Isadora website:

A combined foundation and concealer that covers all imperfections such as fine lines, uneven skin tones, blemishes and dull skin, with a natural result. The creamy soft and elastic texture blends seamlessly into the skin for a comfortable long lasting hold with a second skin feel. Contains active ingredients for a moisturizing and energizing effect.
How to apply:
As foundation: For complete coverage, lightly pat the foundation onto your face and blend with IsaDora Face Buffer brush or your fingertips.
Note: Cover Up has a full coverage and a richly pigmented formula – applysparingly as a little goes a long way.
As concealer: Apply a small amount on the spots that you want to conceal and blend with your fingertips or IsaDora Concealer Brush.

So, when I first started getting in to makeup I remember loving one of Isadoras old foundations, so when I saw this I wanted to see if I would like this just as much, but, so far, I’m not completly sure what I think about it.

Now, when it comes to this foundation I do find that it holds up to its claims.
It is very easy to blend (I do use a sponge with this), it does provide a full coverage, a little goes a long way, and it does last all day in most areas of my face.
However, this is a thicker foundation, which can make it look a little bit cakey if you apply too much, so I would recommend that you apply it sparingly.

Now, this is also marketed as a concealer, so I did use it on top of my corrector underneath my eyes, and it did a good job of covering, and I didn’t feel the need to use a concealer on top of it, which is nice because most times I do feel like I need a concealer, just because most foundations doesn’t cover my dark circles on it’s own (with or without a corrector).
I also didn’t have any issues with it creasing or fading, so I do like it for the fact that you don’t really need any extra concealers when you use this, because, like I said earlier, it does provide a full coverage.

With that said, the reason that I’m a bit torn with this is because it does look somewhat cakey on the sides of my nose after around 5-6 hours, but at the same time there’s not a lot of foundation left on the sides of my nose, so it’s almost like it fades in my oily areas, and whatever product is left just starts to look patchy and cakey and weird, and I do tend to wear my makeup for around 8-12 hours, so, even though I could always touch up with some powder, or try to switch up my primer, I’m not too happy about that.

However, on the rest of my face this does fade a little, but not enough that you’ll really notice it, and it does last all day, so overall there are more pros to this foundation than cons, but it didn’t really wow me the way I hoped for. And I do believe that it would work alot better for people with normal skin.

So, overall I do think that I will continue to use it and see if I can make it work a bit better in my oily areas, but unless you only wear your foundation for 5-7/8 hours, or you don’t get too oily in your t-zone, I’m not so sure that I would recommend it for you.

I got mine from H&M for 179nok and it’s available in 5 shades.

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