Favorites | Top 5 March 2017


So, it’s time to talk about my top 5 products of the month, and as usual I will link to full reviews at the end of the post.


So, to start with I wanted to talk about some of my favorite Make Up Geek shadows.
Now, these shades have been perfect for me since I’ve been loving a soft, neutral eye look, but I’ve also been loving a little pop of color in the crease, that’s where the shade “Mango Tango” comes in.
It just gives me the perfect amount of something different, and these shadows are so easy to work with, and they’re also quite inexpencive, so I have been loving them alot this month.


Next I have the Benefit Porefessional.
Now, I do have a love/hate relationship with this primer, because it can be a bit too dry/crumbly sometimes, mostly when it’s colder outside and my skin is dryer, but once it gets a bit warmer, and my skin gets a little bit more ‘oily’ I do find myself enjoying this primer quite a bit.
Now, I use this as a porefiller, and I do see a little bit of difference when I use it, compared to when I’m not, but I don’t really think that it fills them in too much, so I don’t feel like it’s clogging my pores, which is one of the reasons I’ve been reaching for it so much throughout this month.


Moving on I have been loving the Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Eyelighting Creme.
Now, this is like a liquid sort of a highlighter for eyes and face, and I’ve only been using it on my cheeks, underneath the next product I’ll talk about, and this is such a beautiful highlighter.
This makes my skin look so healthy and glowy and wet almost, and I just haven’t been able to put it away this month.


Now, to set my liquid highlighter I’ve been using the Pixi Book Of Beauty – Glow Getters palette, mostly the bottom right shade, because it matches the liquid highlight, and it just helps to re-intesify it after I’ve set my face with powder.
Now, on those days when I only use this palette, I do love to mix and match the shades depending on my mood, really. But I do really think that this palette is worth having because you can really do a lot with it.


And my last favorite this month is the Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Blushing Creme.
Now, I don’t really tend to reach for creme blushes all that much, I guess becuase I’m so used to powder blushes, but this month I’ve mostly been reaching for this.
Now, I use this underneath my foundation for a more natural look (sometimes I layer it on top of my foundation as well), and I love it.
It gives me the perfect amount of color to my cheeks, it looks very glowy and healthy, and it’s so easy to blend out that I don’t think you can go wrong with it, which makes it a very easy and quick product, and who doesn’t want that, right?

So, that’s it for my favorites this time.
Let me know in the comments below what you’ve been reaching for this month.

Pixi Book Of Beauty – Glow Getters:
Makeup Geek Eyeshadows:
Estee Lauder Genuine Glow Blushing Creme:

Review | Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick


This is what it sats on the Smashbox website:
Perfected on-set in our L.A. photo studio, our long-wear, water-resistant liquid lipstick features Advanced Polymer Technology that makes it stay put and look as fresh and flawless as your first swipe—for up to 8 hours. Featherweight but fierce, this liquid matte formula is infused with lip-smoothing Primer Oil complex for suede-soft lip color in 20 super-rad shades. It’s smudge-proof, budge-proof and non-feathering. Because really, who has time for touch-ups?


 So, I know that I’m super late to the bandwagon, some of it because these did release a bit later here in Norway, and some of it because I just wasn’t super interested in trying these, mostly because the shade selection that we got here isn’t necessarily what I go for, and none of them really spoke to me when I was looking at them, but I figured that I’d get a few of them and see what all of the hype is about, because they have gotten a lot of good reviews, and that did make me quite curious.

Now, first of all I will say that I love the applicator on these, because of the shape I really don’t have to worry about messing up my application, and it also picks up the perfect amount of product, so I don’t really need to dip back in the tube.
I also feel like you only need one layer with these, because they are truly very pigmented.
However, if you take your time applying these, they will start to dry down and that can make them look a bit streaky, but if that happens, I would just let them dry down completly and then go over with another light layer to get rid of the streak marks.

Now, when it comes to how they wear on the lips I’m a little bit torn beause they do wear for over 8 hours, but they do fade on the inner part of my lips after between 3-5hours depending on how much I eat or drink and stuff like that, but I wouldn’t really say that it’s a very bad thing, because that does happen with any lip product, and these do re-apply over themselves beautifully.
However, once they start to break down (if you don’t re-apply) they do start to look a bit chalky and powdery.
And I also wouldn’t call them transferproof, because even though they dry down completly, some of it will still transfer to, for example, coffee mugs or something like that, but you won’t be able to see it on the lips, so it does stay on even though it transfers, but that is something that you might wanna take notice of anyway.

Other than that I have to mention the fact that you cannot feel them on the lips. They are so lightweight, and they don’t make my lips feel dry at all, so I am very impressed with that.
And I also find that they wear the same over other lip products like a lipbalm or a lip plumper, the only thing is that it might not dry down completly if you layer it on top of anything else, but it still hangs in there for the better part of the day, so I do really enjoy using these.

So, overall I do think that these are worth the hype, because they do what they say they will, and my lips arn’t killing me at the end of day, which happens with most matte lip products, so I am very pleased with that.
So if you’ve been curious about these, or if you’re like me who loves a good matte lip, but hates the feeling of dry lips, I’d recommend you try these out.

I got mine from kicks for 220nok a piece and they’re available in 10 shades (in Norway).

Review | E.L.F Studio Clay Eyeshadow Palettes


This is what it says on the E.L.F website:

These richly pigmented and silky smooth powders blend effortlessly onto the lid to create a natural looking or bold effect. Infused with Kaolin Clay to help keep your color locked in placed for long lasting wear. The custom curated palette of five harmonious shades help brighten, sculpt and define for a professional, gorgeous look.


 So, I was looking around online, and I came across these palettes from E.L.F, and wanted to try them out since E.L.F is a very inexpencive brand, and I don’t really have a lot of drugstore eyeshadow palettes, but I’m not really that impressed with these.

Now, when I first started to swatch them on my arm I actually wasn’t sure I even wanted to try them on my eyes, because they weren’t really that pigmented when I used my fingers, but they were really bad when I used a brush.
However, once you apply them to your eyes, you do get alot more color payoff, so I don’t think that these should be judged by how they swatch, even though I wouldn’t really call them richly pigmented shadows.

Now, when it comes to how these shadows apply, I have to say that the matte shades, especially the darker ones, don’t blend well at all.
They do lay down alot of color, but they leave a very harsh line and they’re not easy to blend out, and the lighter shades don’t show up on my skin, so I don’t really like the matte shades at all.
However, the shimmer shades work a lot better, they’re easier to blend out, and they do look very nice and even on the lid, but there’s overall a lot of inconsistencies in these palettes, and I don’t think that they’re worth bying only for the shimmer shades.

Other than that I have to say that these shadows do last all day on my lids, they don’t crease on me either, which is nice.
I also don’t have any issues with fallout from these shadows, but I do always tap off my brushes, so that might have something to do with it.
But overall I didn’t enjoy using these, because they do require way too much work to look good, and I can’t really recommend them to anyone because of that.

I got mine from iHerb for 51nok a piece.

Review | Pixi Book Of Beauty Face Palettes


This is what it says on the Pixi website:

Bronze Palette:
This curated collection gives the look of summer skin all year long. Use the matte shades to bronze, sculpt & contour, and use the glow shades to add a luminous, light-attracting effect. Palette includes 6 bronzing shades.

Highlight Palette:
This curated collection creates a flattering luminescence on the skin, making it appear healthy & lit from within. The super silky powders enhance your best features, giving any skintone a soft-focus finish! Palette includes 6 luminizing shades.


 So, Pixi just got released here and I’ve been wanting to try out some of their products, so I got a couple of their face palettes, and I am pleased with them so far.

Now, originaly I didn’t want the bronzer palette, and I actually thought I ordered the contour palette, but when I got it in the mail I figured I’d give it a go anyway, and I did end up liking it for what it is.

So, when it comes to the bronzer palette, I do think that the shades are a bit too warm, and I do wish that some of them were a bit more neutral, since you do get 6 different shades, I think that they could’ve easily had a few opptions when it comes to the tone of the powders, so that is something to keep in mind if you’re interested in trying these.
However, these powders are very easy to blend, and as long as your carefull when you dip your brush in to the pans so you don’t pick up too much product, they do look very beautiful on the skin.
And the bronzers doesn’t fade on my skin, at least not noticably, so I am very pleased with that.

Now, when it comes to the highlighter palette, I do like this a lot more, mostly because I just tend to like highlighters more than bronzers, but as far as the texture of the powders goes, I do think that they’re quite similar to each other.
With that said, as far as these highlighters go, I do think that they’re a bit more on the subtle side if you apply one layer, so you won’t get that super blinding highlight right away, but you can build them up if you prefer that, so these are very easy to work with, and I do like the fact that you can “choose the brightness” from day to day.

I also love the fact that you get 6 different shades in this palette, and some of them are very light, so I do think that, at least the Glow Getter palette, would work for very fair skintones.
However, I don’t know if any of these palettes would really work for you if you have a deep skintone.
They might work for medium skintones, but I don’t think I would recommend them for anyone who’s any darker than that.

Other than that I will say that the highlighters do fade a little throughout the day. They don’t fade away completly, but they do dull down a bit, so that’s something to keep in mind.
But, overall I am very impressed with these palettes, and I do think that you would enjoy them if you’re into bronzers or highlighters, and if you like to mix and match your shades.
They do also have a contour and a blush palette if you’re interested in checking those out.

I got mine from Kicks for 351nok a piece.

Review | Isadora Cover Up Foundation & Concealer


This is what it says on the Isadora website:

A combined foundation and concealer that covers all imperfections such as fine lines, uneven skin tones, blemishes and dull skin, with a natural result. The creamy soft and elastic texture blends seamlessly into the skin for a comfortable long lasting hold with a second skin feel. Contains active ingredients for a moisturizing and energizing effect.
How to apply:
As foundation: For complete coverage, lightly pat the foundation onto your face and blend with IsaDora Face Buffer brush or your fingertips.
Note: Cover Up has a full coverage and a richly pigmented formula – applysparingly as a little goes a long way.
As concealer: Apply a small amount on the spots that you want to conceal and blend with your fingertips or IsaDora Concealer Brush.

So, when I first started getting in to makeup I remember loving one of Isadoras old foundations, so when I saw this I wanted to see if I would like this just as much, but, so far, I’m not completly sure what I think about it.

Now, when it comes to this foundation I do find that it holds up to its claims.
It is very easy to blend (I do use a sponge with this), it does provide a full coverage, a little goes a long way, and it does last all day in most areas of my face.
However, this is a thicker foundation, which can make it look a little bit cakey if you apply too much, so I would recommend that you apply it sparingly.

Now, this is also marketed as a concealer, so I did use it on top of my corrector underneath my eyes, and it did a good job of covering, and I didn’t feel the need to use a concealer on top of it, which is nice because most times I do feel like I need a concealer, just because most foundations doesn’t cover my dark circles on it’s own (with or without a corrector).
I also didn’t have any issues with it creasing or fading, so I do like it for the fact that you don’t really need any extra concealers when you use this, because, like I said earlier, it does provide a full coverage.

With that said, the reason that I’m a bit torn with this is because it does look somewhat cakey on the sides of my nose after around 5-6 hours, but at the same time there’s not a lot of foundation left on the sides of my nose, so it’s almost like it fades in my oily areas, and whatever product is left just starts to look patchy and cakey and weird, and I do tend to wear my makeup for around 8-12 hours, so, even though I could always touch up with some powder, or try to switch up my primer, I’m not too happy about that.

However, on the rest of my face this does fade a little, but not enough that you’ll really notice it, and it does last all day, so overall there are more pros to this foundation than cons, but it didn’t really wow me the way I hoped for. And I do believe that it would work alot better for people with normal skin.

So, overall I do think that I will continue to use it and see if I can make it work a bit better in my oily areas, but unless you only wear your foundation for 5-7/8 hours, or you don’t get too oily in your t-zone, I’m not so sure that I would recommend it for you.

I got mine from H&M for 179nok and it’s available in 5 shades.