Favorites | Top 5 January 2017


So, it’s time for the first favorites post of the year, and to be honest I haven’t really used much makeup this month, but I have had a few products that I’ve reached for consistently.
And as always I will link to any full reviews at the end of the post.hdr

My first favorite this month is the Zoeva blush palettes. Now, I love these because they’re such smooth powders to work with. They’re not overly pigmented, but they’re pigmented enough, and they’re just over all easy to work with.
They do also last most of the day, so I enjoy these very much.


Next I have the MAC Pro Longwear foundation.
Now, this is one of my all time favorite foundations, and even though I try out a lot of other ones, I always come back to this.
Because it is a high coverage foundation, that I can easily sheer out if I feel like it, but I can also build it up, and I do love foundations that are easily controlable.


This month I’ve also ben reaching for the MAC Pro Longwear concealer.
Now, I never really got the hype around this concealer, and I still don’t think it’s a full coverage concealer, but I have loved it this month on top of my corrector.
And this is a very longwearing concealer, and I don’t really have any issues with it creasing or looking patchy, so this is what I’ve been reaching for.


Next I have the Loreal Infallible Fixing Mist.
And I love this because it sets my foundation beautifully, and because it does have some sort of a powder residue in it, I don’t feel the need to use as much powder as I normally do.
Also, this does make my makeup stay on looking fresh longer, and it also helps with oil-controll. At least a little bit, and for the price, I can’t really complain.


Lastly I have the Kicks Hydrating Primer.
Now, I never really thought I would reach for a hydrating primer, maybe on the outer parts of my face, but not all over, but I do really like it all over.
And even though it does keep my skin hydrated, it doesn’t make me greasy or oily, and it’s very lightweight as well.
However, I don’t think that you’ll be able to get this primer outside of Kicks (Scandinavia), but I do believe that it’s very similar to the Blue/Hydrating Smashbox Primer.

Please let me know what you’ve been loving throughout the month in the comments below.

Zoeva Blush Palettes: https://februaryglow.wordpress.com/2017/01/04/review-zoeva-blush-palette/
MAC Pro Longwear Foundation: https://februaryglow.wordpress.com/2015/11/11/mac-pro-longwear-foundation/

Review | NYX Slim Lip Pencils


This is what it says on the NYX website:
Slim, trim, but never prim our lip pencils come in a variety of dashing shades – from auburn to orange and traffic-stopping red. The buttery long-wearing lip liner formula goes on easily and resists bleeding.


So, I do really enjoy using lip liners, but I don’t necessarily want to pay a lot for them, so I figured I’d try out these NYX Slim Lip Pencils, since they are so inexpencive. And I do like them so far.

Now, first of all I will say that I am pleasantly surprised with the way they apply, because they are quite smooth in application, and I did expect them to be a lot harder/dryer to apply since they are wooden pencils.
I also think that these are very rich in pigment, but they are also a bit uneven (at least the darker shades), so I would recommend wearing these underneath a lipstick or a lipgloss, and not on their own, like I somethimes like to do.

Now, when it comes to the long-wearing claim, I’m not so sure that I agree.
What I mean by that is that yes, they are long-wearing, but they do also fade quite a bit when I drink or eat, and since we all drink and eat, I would say that these last, but they’re not as long-wearing as I would’ve hoped.
But on the bright side, these do fade very very evenly, so over all I can’t really complain either way.

Other than that I find that these are very lightveight on the lips, and I don’t find them to be very drying either, so I would recommend these if you’re looking for decent, inexpencive lip liners.

I got mine from Kicks for 35nok a piece.

Review | Zoeva Blush Palette


This is what it says on the Zoeva website:

Coral Spectrum:
Intoxicated by color, the ZOEVA Coral Spectrum Blush Palette captures the alluring beauty of lush, tropical reefs and reveals a fantastic array of four fresh nuances from light peach to coral pink. With its luminous matte and shimmery finishes, the easily buildable blush shades provide a flattering radiance and joyful burst of color to the cheeks – from soft and natural to intense and sophisticated looks.

Nude Spectrum:
Originated from the luminosity of the sun, the ZOEVA Nude Spectrum Blush Palette grants a unique selection of four sublime bronze shades for the cheeks, warming the original skin tone and enhancing it’s vivid solar radiance. The buildable formula ensures an easy application of seamless color for a healthy, sun-kissed finish, reminiscent of the glowing warmth of summer all year long.

The formulation of the blushes is enriched with vitamie E and is 100% free of parabens, mineral oils, perfume and phthalates. Made in Italy.


So, I’ve been curious about this brand for a while, but for some reason I never got around to trying any of their products, untill I got these for christmas, and I don’t know why I didn’t get these before.

Now, I have to mention that I haven’t tried all the shades on my cheeks, and I most likely won’t use all of them, because some of them, especially in the ‘Nude Spectrum’ palette, are a bit too shimmery for me to use on my face since it is more of a bronzer than a blush on my skintone.
However, I have used those shades on my eyes and I love them, so I do believe that I will get use out of all of the shades, even though I might not use all of them as a blush.

So, when it comes to how they apply on the cheeks, I think that these are very easy to work with, both when it comes to how much color payoff you get, and how they blend out.
They just look so smooth and beautiful on the skin, they don’t look patchy or wierd, and I love them so far.

Now, when it comes to lasting power I do find that they last all day, but they do fade a little bit, so they’re not as vibrant when I go to remove my makeup.
But I’m not really bothered by that at all, because they are so easy to work with, and because they do look so beautiful on the skin, I don’t think that a little fading is something to really care about.

So overall I am very impressed by these, and I would recommend you checking them out. They do also have a pink version, if you prefer that.
These are available on the Zoeva website for 15,50 EUR a piece.