Review | NEW Smashbox Photo Matte Eyes Palette


This is what it says on the Smashbox website:
When we noticed that our makeup artists use matte eye shadows as brow powder and liner on shoots in our L.A. photo studio, we knew we had to create a do-it-all formula just for eyes.
Each shade in this matte collection is a multitasker—from stay-put shadows that double as liner to brow powders that also work as shadows. And to make it even more versatile, each ultra-silky, richly pigmented shade can also be used wet for a more intense effect.

• 12 all-matte wet/dry shades that can be used as liner, shadow or brow powder
• 2 double-size base shadow shades
• Double-ended liner/shadow brush
• #SHAPEMATTERS lookbook insert with how-to’s for 6 eye shapes and 5 brow shapes


So, this palette caught my eye because of the fact that it’s ment to be an all-in-one palette, and I thought it would be an easy to reach for, everyday sort of a thing.
And I love the idea behind this, but after trying it out for a little while, I don’t think that I’ll reach for this as much as I thought I would.

Now, when it comes to the shadows in here, I do think that you get a lot of different opptions when it comes to shades, and I do love that they included two base-shades in bigger pans, but I prefer warm-toned shades, and this is just a bit too cool-toned for my liking.
As far as the quality of the shadows, I think that they’re ok, but they’re nothing spectacular to me.
They are easy to work with, they blend out very beautifully, and they do stay on without creasing, but I do wish that they were just a little more pigmented.
Of course, they are easily buildable, so it’s not a huge problem, but I still wish they had that little extra something in them.

However, when it comes to using these as a brow powder, I do think that they are very good.
I’ve tried a few different shades on my brows and they all stayed all day without fading off, or moving around.
So there’s alot of good qualities to this palette, even though it’s not quite what I prefer, and I would say that this is a good buy if you’re into more cool-toned shadows, and you want a palette where you have everything you need for eyeshadow, eyeliner and brow powder.
But if you’re more into those burnt oranges, and warm browns ++, I’d skip this one and go for something different.

I got mine from Kicks for 475nok.

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