Review | NEW Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer.


On the Smashbox website it says that this gives your lipstick a matte makeover – instantly!
This gel transforms any cream lipstick into a velvety matte finish that’s never chalcky.
It also claims to improve the wear of lipstick and prevent feathering.

So, I didn’t really have high expectations when I first tried this product, but I have to say that I am really impressed with this.

This is so easy to apply, it does mattify your lipstick without drying out your lips at all, and you’re also able to re-apply your lipstick on top of this without it looking patchy or weird.
Now keep in mind that when you re-apply your lipstick, you also have to re-apply this if you want to keep that matte finish.

swatch 1

(Top lip is with the Insta-Matte, the bottom lip is without)

Now this does feel very velvety and kind of slippery when you wear this, it almost feels like a mixture of the soft matte lip creams from NYX, and a creamy lipstick, so that might feel a bit different than what you’re expecting, but it’s nothing bad, and it is very comfortable to wear.

As far as feathering goes, I can’t really say too much about that because I don’t really have that issue with any of my lipsticks, but at least this doesn’t make my lipsticks bleed, so that’s good. And it also does make my lipstick stay on a bit longer before wearing off, so I have to say that this holds up to its claims very nicely.

So overall, I highly recommend this if you have any cream/satin finish lipsticks that you’d rather have matte, instead of going out to buy that same shade with a matte finish!

I got mine from Kicks for 245 nok.

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