Review | Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins Facial Oil & Renewal Cream


Starting with facial oil:


On the Origins website it says “Delete dullness overnight with our amazing sleeping peel. First, the relaxing aromas of Neroli Valerian and Vanilla lull you into sweet sleep. Meanwhile, potent skin resurfaces plus Vitamins C and E cushioned in 8 silky plant oils including Cranberry Seed, Sage and Pomegranate release dull, dead surface cells. Radiance is restored. Skin awakens smoother, rehydrated and vibrant.

Apply to clean skin before bed. Or add a couple drops to your night moisturizer.”

I’ve been using this facial oil for a month or so now, and I wasn’t expecting to see a difference in my skin after such a short amount of time, but I do.

My skin feels so soft and plump when I wake up, and in combination with the night cream my skin has also gotten a bit brighter than it was before I started using these.

Now, this is quite expensive, but I do believe that skincare is worth investing in.

And this facial oil is very watery/runny, so you only need a couple of drops every night, and you do get 30ml in the bottle so it will last you a very long time.

So overall I highly, highly recommend this. It sinks in fast, it smells amazing and it does wonders for my skin.

I got mine from Kicks for 420nok.

Now for the night cream.


This one claims to put dullness to rest. Our famous night cream is fortified with time-released resurfacers plus Vitamins C, E and H, minerals and moisture-rich replenishers. While relaxing aromas lull you to sleep, skin sloughs away dry, dead layers. Deletes dullness overnight so you wake up radiant and refreshed. Renews, refreshes and hydrates.

I use this after the facial oil, and I love the combination of these two together. I haven’t used them with other products, or alone, but I do think that they’ll be great no matter how you use them.

Now, this doesn’t really sink in 100% on my skin, but it does a great job of hydrating, brightening and smoothing my skin.

Just as the facial oil this has a very relaxing, amazing smell, and I recommend this just as much!

However, this is quite expensive as well, and even though you do get quite a bit of product with this, it wont last as long as facial oil.

I got mine at Kicks for 420nok.


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